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About TOW

The Ombudsman Watchers is a UK national business title and is produced in A4 full colour throughout in both print and digital formats, with a supporting website. Our online knowledge-sharing format enables users to search easily for information relevant to their day-to-day activities and to find out how others employ good practice in those areas. The site contains current news, opinions, interviews, video presentations, and much more.

Today’s business leaders are facing increasing challenges in the dynamic and changing world of business. Responsible for making difficult and crucial decisions to ensure the growth and prosperity of their companies, it is important that they have first-class information on which to base their management decisions.

The key issues facing top business leaders today require them to have knowledge on a wide range of subjects, from pensions, finance and property to information technology, management training and outsourcing. In addition, today’s business leaders need to be constantly kept abreast of world business developments to ensure they make sound strategic decisions in securing the future growth of their companies. Developing channels for effective knowledge sharing is crucial. With business leaders under constant pressure to keep costs low, the opportunities for cost savings from knowledge sharing and pooling resources cannot be overlooked. One area in which business leaders can clearly benefit is best practice. Implementing the right processes as part of everyday business practice puts a business in the best position for future growth.

However, many businesses “re-invent the wheel” each year in developing their good practice policies and procedures.

Ombudsman Watchers covers a broad range of boardroom topics from trade and global economic issues to financial, legal, venture capital, property finance and bridging loans and environmental matters. Through its in-depth analysis and insightful editorial, it brings to senior executives subjects of vital importance for sound company management. Articles written by key executives who are shaping the future of UK business explore the latest thinking in steering successful companies through challenging times.


Up to 5,000 hard copies sent out by named subscribers, of which the breakdown is as follows:

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