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UK firm looks to reduce shipping expense for all as costs threaten increase

Posted: 23rd September 2016

As the requirement for shipping and logistics continues to see year on year growth within the UK market the rising costs of shipping become even more evident to both individuals and small scale companies but one UK company is looking to reduce those costs.

With the prospect of Royal Mail being sold to a private company, reports suggest that in order to recoup not only the price paid for one of the longest running government services in the UK but to also to increase the profit margins per annum, the cost of postage is set to increase.

The prospect of a price increase has left many businesses watching for updates surrounding the development of the sale of the Royal Mail to allow them to gain a better understanding of the impact that the change in ownership could bring to their financial margins and are already looking for alternative shipping methods in a bid to be proactive towards a change that could potentially cause large scale disruption to their services.

UK based have moved to try to help those that are looking to seek alternative shipping methods, creating an online price comparison website that is free to use in order to create a more competitive market infrastructure as vendors look to offer their best possible pricing in order to secure the shipment.

Daniel Parry, director for Delivery Quote Compare Ltd, said: "The prospect of shipping costs being increased in order to make Royal Mail more profitable is scary for a number of businesses, especially those that are primarily focused online with goods being sent out to the customer following online purchase.

"Our aim with is to create a situation that shipping costs have to be reduced in order for vendors to be able to secure further business, while consumers are offered the cheapest possible prices in order to get their shipment from one destination to another.”

In an industry that has been reported to be worth as much as £75bn a year, the threat of pricing increases has left a number of online retailers worried about the need to increase the costs of their products in order to cover the enhancement in costing but with no Royal Mail buy out thought to be in close proximity at this moment in time, there is still time for vendors to take evasive action themselves.

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