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Anthony Shapley
SEO manager

What the expansion of gTLDs means for UK businesses

Posted: 4th February 2017

This week will see the introduction of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), overseen by ICANN. We asked Anthony Shapley, SEO manager at digital agency Bronco, what this means for businesses, particularly from an SEO perspective.

What the expansion of gTLDs means for UK businessesWe would recommend that companies make good use of the new extensions available and grab those relevant to what they do. For example, if you’re a travel company, grabbing a .travel domain extension makes perfect sense; whilst also grabbing a .app extension is also a good idea if you have any plans to launch an accompanying app for your business in the future.

The benefits that these new domain extensions will offer from an SEO perspective are plentiful- not only will they help you to protect your brand’s search results, they should also be easy to rank under your main site; protecting your company from negative results or affiliates who may be trying to monetise your brand search. They also offer a good opportunity for any site under penalty to move domains, without having to pay any extortionate fees.

However, there will be some drawbacks from an SEO perspective. The increase in domain extensions available will open Google up to increased risk of spam, as spammers rely on ‘keyword.tld’ domain names for quick successes. Google may also dampen the impact of these new domain extensions in search results in the short term, meaning their SEO benefit may take longer to be seen than expected.

All in all though, these new extensions should offer up plenty of good opportunities for businesses to expand and strengthen their online presence further, and we’d recommend that companies act quickly to grab any extensions that could suit their business well.

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